Taylor Expands in the West

Taylor Technologies is teaming up with Blake Sales Associates, Inc., to expand pool and spa sales along the West Coast.

Located in Vista, CA, Blake Sales Associates will be serving as Taylor's sales representative to our resellers in the western region of the United States. Until now, Taylor staff handled distributor and retail sales in the West internally. However, the realization of potential in this area has prompted the test-kit giant to dive headfirst into product distribution in the region.

"Blake Sales Associates is the perfect fit for Taylor's commitment to quality products, service, and support," says Rob Millard, Taylor Technologies' Vice President of Pool & Spa Sales. “The West Coast is an area rich with possibility, and we see this partnership as another step in the execution of our growth strategies. With their help, we can take our high-quality products to every part of the region." 

With decades of experience in the field of water-related backyard products, Bob Blake founded Blake Sales Associates, Inc., in 1986. The company is now proud to be "serving the largest pool and spa market in the world." Company President Mike Ramey adds, "Blake Sales is very excited to be associated with a quality organization like Taylor Technologies. We are extremely selective when it comes to choosing what companies to represent, and seeing the quality in both the Taylor products and their personnel—that’s exactly what we look for in a manufacturer to manufacturer's agent relationship. When I look at what we've done in the past with water-testing products and see where the strengths and opportunities are with Taylor as a leader in that category, it really is a perfect fit, and it positions both of our companies to have great success together in the western United States."

Taylor Headed to AWT Convention in San Diego

Since its inception in the late 1980s, Taylor Technologies has attended every AWT Annual Convention. Paul Wooden (former president) and Tom Metzbower (former vice president of sales) immediately recognized the value AWT had to offer—and would continue to offer—to the water treatment industry.

Faith in AWT and its ongoing work continues as Alex Wooden, Jody O’Grady, and Chris Golden all plan to attend the 2016 Annual Convention and Exposition, scheduled for Sept 7-10, at the Omni San Diego and the San Diego Convention Center.

Taylor’s involvement with AWT does not end with the annual convention. For many years, Taylor has served on its education, certification, technical, membership, and marketing committees. We also contribute regularly by sitting on the AWT’s pretreatment and boiler subcommittees, and by offering instruction during their regional training seminars.

While in San Diego, our team will be talking with attendees about increasing their chemical sales and profitability for contract accounts. We’ll also be offering a Get Any One Item 50% Off special on all products and discussing our expanded private-label program, which is now available to all AWT members and water treatment companies.

And we can’t forget our TTi® 3000 Colorimeter, which boasts accurate results you can rely on, decreased testing times, and an unbelievable five-year warranty. The TTi 3000 is a more affordable option for those using similar devices, and to make it even more affordable, we offer a four-year leasing program.

Taylor is your best choice for dependable testing supplies. We have built our stellar reputation by consistently supplying products you can trust to deliver the results your customers expect. We look forward to seeing you at the AWT Convention and Exposition in San Diego. Stop by to visit us at booths #218 and #220, where you’ll be able to enter to win a free TTi® 3000 colorimeter. You can also take a shot at winning a prize with our Stacker game.


FREE taylortraining Webinars

Taylor Technologies is not only the "Choice of Professionals" when it comes to water testing, but also when it comes to education in the pool/spa industry!

We are excited to announce our new webinar series sponsored by taylortraining. The topics in this series focus on specific issues that you and your customers encounter every day. The format will be presented from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the following Tuesdays and Thursdays: 


Round 11
Testing Methods – 4/25/17 
Shelf Life 101 – 4/27/17 
Sanitation & Oxidation – 5/2/17*  
Water Balance – 5/4/17*
Test Interferences – 5/9/17 
Hot Water Chemistry – 5/11/17*
Testing Techniques – 5/16/17* 
Water-Testing Myths – 5/18/17 
Tech Questions – 5/23/17 

Please note that with the new GoToWebinar service, you will have to click on the individual webinar above to register for the webinar. After you register for the webinar(s), GoToWebinar will send you a link to join on that webinar's date, as well as the option to add the webinar to your calendar.

The webinars indicated by an * are the four core webinars. Attend all four within this round of webinars, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Taylor.

Sign up for one, or all; there is zero cost to you or your customers.

GoToWebinar allows space for only 100 participants per webinar, so if you are interested please claim your space early.

We hope you take advantage of this valuable educational opportunity, and we look forward to working with you to improve everyone's awareness and skills in the industry. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Things Are Looking H2O-So-Nice for the Northeast

Taylor Technologies is teaming up with Waterlines, Inc., for a pool and spa party no distributor or retailer will want to miss. Located in Franklin, NJ, Waterlines will be serving as Taylor’s sales representative to our resellers in the northeast region of the U.S.

Until now, distributor and retail sales in the Northeast were handled internally, by Taylor staff. However, the realization of potential in this area has prompted the test-kit giant to dive headfirst into product distribution in the region.

"Waterlines is the perfect fit for Taylor’s commitment to quality products, service, and support," says Jody O’Grady, Taylor Technologies' Vice President of Sales Operations and Support. "The Northeast is an area rich with possibility, and we believe that with the help of Waterlines, we can take our high-quality products to every part of it."

Waterlines, Inc., was founded in 1985 by Steve Swirsky and Ray Gunder, each possessing decades of experience in the water-related backyard products field. Waterlines is operated on the premise that all manufacturers want their products to be sold by "quality, credit-worthy distributors and retailers."

"Taylor craves the kind of long-lasting, key-player relationships that Waterlines is known for," adds Chris Golden, Taylor Technologies' Vice President of Sales Development and Growth. “And we can barely wait to see Taylor products in new and exciting corners of the market.”

Taylor Technologies Named AWT's Supplier of the Year

AWT, the Association of Water Technologies and The Voice of the Water Treatment Industry, has spoken.

And guess what it had to say?

AWT has named Taylor Technologies their 2013 Supplier of the Year!

The management and staff at Taylor were made aware of this award recently, since we were invited to receive it at the AWT Annual Reception and Award Dinner in Uncasville, CT on November 1, 2013.

But we thought now would be the perfect time to show it off to some of the most important people in the Taylor family—our customers. You are the true recipients of this award; the reasons we serve the water technology industry with R&D, special applications, quality products, and top-notch customer service. We are genuinely dedicated to the needs of business owners, as well as to the goals of water technology professionals.

The criteria for winning the award? Simple—everything we do every day for our customers, whom we value above all else. AWT has recognized those efforts, and so we dedicate that recognition to you.

This is no small accomplishment. AWT is a trade group made up of more than 500 companies. The organization works to maintain the highest water treatment performance standards, provides education and support through resources, and promotes its members' success. It is the largest association for water treatment specialists in operation.

Feel free to pick up the phone and call Taylor Technologies at 800-TEST KIT (837-8548). We'd love to talk more about this award and about how we can better serve your water treatment and technology needs.

A Chlorine and Bromine Heart Transplant for 2000 Series Test Kits

Pool and spa chemical levels can no longer hide behind the need for dilution with Taylor Technologies’ new comparator block


Pool and spa professionals have expressed their high-level chlorine and bromine testing woes and Taylor Technologies has answered with a new, more comprehensive comparator block. Available now, the newly revised 2000 Series™ comparator block, dubbed by Taylor's chemists as the "heart of any test kit," ensures that within the world of pool and spa water balance, the beat will go on.

"We're finding that people are choosing to maintain higher chlorine and bromine levels," says Alex Wooden, Vice President of Strategic Development at Taylor Technologies, Inc. "Pool and spa owners, operators, and service professionals often need to dilute samples to get accurate readings, and whenever extra steps are involved, human error plays a role. Our newest comparator block addresses this problem."

The comparator block's .5 and 1.5 ppm chlorine standards have been replaced with the new color standards 1, 2, 3, 5, 7.5, and 10 ppm. Likewise, bromine readings 1, 3, and 5 ppm have been eliminated, making room for the 2, 4, 6, 10, 15, and 20 ppm standards. Testing up to 10 ppm chlorine and 20 ppm bromine can now be accomplished simply, without dilution and recalculation.

Taylor Technologies' current comparator block is designed for collecting water samples, mixing reagents, and matching colors to measure free and total chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid. Features include a flange for enhanced visibility of the cyanuric acid test scale, a large tube that accommodates the optional SampleSizer™, raised water volume fill marks, a frosted backing for uniform color perception, and a dilution guide to assist in reading high chemical concentrations above 10 ppm Cl or 20 ppm Br. The new 2014 comparator block design retains those features, while making the reading of high concentrations simpler and practically eliminating the need for the dilution guide.

The new #9056 comparator replaces the comparator block in the following 2000 Series™ kits: 
K-2000, K-2000S, K-2005, K-2005S, K-2005C,
K-2005CS, K-2007, and K-2015.

NCH Award Received at Golf Outing

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it...represent Taylor at golfing events, that is. Luckily, business development director Chris Golden is always ready and willing to hit the links for us. At a May outing with Chem-Aqua and other divisions of the NCH Corporation, Taylor Technologies was named Sponsor of the Year and Chris personally was singled out for special recognition.

In making the presentation, Jerry Angelilli, Senior Engineer/Manager of Oxidative Technology for Chem-Aqua, said, "Chris has taken the business partnership we have enjoyed for many years to a higher level. He has consistently and professionally developed personal friendships with many of our NCH associates. As one of those individuals, I believe Chris demonstrates the ideals and philosophy promoted at NCH:  to provide reliable products and service with integrity through personal relationship development. Congratulations on this well-deserved award."

For attention of NCH-caliber to your water-testing needs, contact Chris at 800-837-8548. He will be pleased to discuss which of our products for industrial water treaters are most appropriate for your applications.

TTi Colorimeter Series Debuts

You already know you can trust Taylor chemistries. Now get that same reliable performance from your handheld meter!

The TTi® 3000 Colorimeter (M-3000) for water treatment professionals is preprogrammed to test 30+ water quality parameters commonly encountered in commercial and industrial settings, including the most popular boiler and cooling water tests. See complete details here.

The TTi 2000 Colorimeter (M-2000) for testing pools and spas can be used to monitor 13 parameters, such as metals that cause staining on surfaces (copper and iron) and the sodium chloride content of vessels equipped with salt water chlorine generators.

Their user-friendly features include the ability to create your own menus of favorite tests, adjustable backlighting on the large liquid crystal display, and an auto-read function on the test timer, so you never miss seeing a result because you got preoccupied with other tasks. Unlike competing models, our meters come with data interface software, an AC power adapter, a USB cable, and all other essentials—no surprise expenses here!

Both meters offer lifetime free software upgrades as new tests are developed; an industry-best five year warranty; and the tech support Taylor is renowned for, by phone and online.

Optional accessories include an Accuracy Check Kit with five standards to verify instrument performance (K-8000) and an attaché-type carrying case (gray 9502 for M-3000; blue 9504 for M-2000).

To watch the introductory video, click here.

sureTRACK Lineup

With so many packaging options available for Taylor's sureTRACK® test strips, we’re certain you’ll be able to find one that meets your needs. For pool supplies stores that sell test strips, we offer individually foil-wrapped sureTRACK® 4-way or 6-way strips inside a clear clamshell case. "The two enemies of any dry reagent system are air and moisture," explains JB Babcock, Taylor's Director of Engineering. "Our shaker dispenser prevents spoilage due to wet fingers or over-exposure to air by limiting how many strips can pop out at one time. There’s also an extra-large desiccant pillow inside the shaker. But wrapping each strip individually in foil adds an extra layer of protection. It also makes them ideal for checking the water quality at your local pool or fitness center, or the hotel pool when traveling. Just stick one in your pocket or carryall." sureTRACK test strips give water analysis results that compare favorably with Taylor wet-chemistry tests. We use a more expensive process than ordinary four-color printing to produce the sureTRACK color-matching charts. This "spot printing" results in consistent hues throughout every production run, so there can be no confusion when comparing the colors that develop on the strip with the color standards printed on the product label. 

The newest sureTRACK-6 strips added to our lineup make testing and maintaining balanced water easier than ever. Simply download the free water analysis app onto a smartphone or tablet, dip the strip into a water sample, snap a photo of the reacted strip, and within seconds treatment recommendations and dosages are at your fingertips. Test results may also be entered manually using the free user website.  

Our 4-way strip tests for free chlorine or bromine, pH, and total alkalinity. The 6-way strip adds tests for total hardness and cyanuric acid (chlorine stabilizer). Having both chlorine and bromine tests on the same strip is a boon for consumers who use chlorine to sanitize their pool but bromine for their portable spa. The advantage to retailers is having one SKU versus two. For more information on each packaging option, including product photos, follow these links:

Resealable foil pouches contain 10 strips and ship in packs of 25. They are an inexpensive way to introduce your customers to a superior dry-chemistry test. Purchase 10 packs or more (250+ units) and get a customized product label for free.
4-way = K-1305-25
6-way = K-1315-25

Shaker dispensers contain 50 strips each and ship in cartons of 6. 
4-way = K-1302-6
6-way = K-1312-6
6-way = K-1313-6 (includes free phone app and user website)

Clamshells contain 30 individually foil-wrapped strips each and ship in cartons of 6. 
4-way = K-1308-6
6-way = K-1318-6

Slide dispensers with sample tube contain 30 individually foil-wrapped strips each and ship in cartons of 6.
6-way = K-1316-6 (includes free phone app and user website) 

All packaging options are peggable with the exception of K-1316-6.

ASCA Endorses Taylor Test Kits

The American Swimming Coaches Association and its sister organization, SwimAmerica, have again designated Taylor Technologies their preferred provider of water-testing supplies. 2015 is the fifteenth year in a row ASCA has chosen to partner with Taylor. "One of the essentials for good swim training is quality water," says John Leonard, ASCA's Executive Director. "Taylor Technologies' products provide the quality assurance that every coach and every swim facility needs in order to maximize the use of their pool."

The American Swimming Coaches Association is a professional service organization with nearly 7,300 members including age-group coaches, high school and college coaches, learn-to-swim professionals at YMCAs and the like, master swimmers, and every former Olympic coach since 1956. All are dedicated to building a stronger swimming community through leadership, education, certification, and cooperation. Its affiliate, SwimAmerica, is the nation's leading learn-to-swim school.

Taylor is proud to manufacture the test kits that help keep pool water safe for these competitive swimmers.

Counterlab Rx 2 for Pool Supplies Dealers

Just added to our line of products for in-store water testing! With its small footprint (18" wide x 9" deep), the Counterlab Rx 2™ (K-0206) is "just the prescription" for retailers with limited counter space in their water analysis center. Nevertheless, the latest generation of the Rx liquid-reagent lab makes an impressive display for customers. To read all about the features that will allow you to provide reliable test results yet keep the queue moving, click here.

Guest Column Appears in Trade Journal

Pool & Spa Marketing, a bimonthly journal serving North America's pool and spa industry, has chosen to feature an article by Taylor in its April issue. Written by Pat Fitzgerald, "Busting Water Maintenance Myths" exposes 11 popular fallacies that lead to poor water quality.

To learn how wrong thinking could be sabotaging the pools and spas under your care, click here.

Welcome News about Conductivity Standards

We have switched over from glass bottles to plastic bottles for pints (size code E), quarts (size code F), and gallons (size code G) of conductivity solutions. The following products are affected:

Conductivity Solution, 50 μS
(23.4 ppm NaCl)    
Conductivity Solution, 500 μS
(242 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 1000 μS
(492 ppmNaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 2500 μS
(1273 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 3900 μS
(2027 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 5000 μS
(2634 ppm NaCl)









, our equivalent to Myron L's 442™ calibration solution for use with their TDS meters we carry:

  TDS Solution 1000 ppm                R-0968-1K

This change means an end to special packaging for glass containers and the associated extra costs. We know analysts will be happier not to have to handle glass in the field, too.

Now! Two SampleSizer Measuring Tools Available

Many Taylor specialty tests are done with either a 25-mL or 10-mL water sample in our 9198 sample tube. For instance, the FAS-DPD chlorine test, the EDTA chelant test, and the saltwater test for pools equipped with chlorine generators. Using our nifty tool, you won't need to flick off the excess water to get the meniscus of the sample water to rest precisely on the fill line. Simply lower the SampleSizer® 10 & 25 mL (6190) into the 9198 test vial filled with the water to be tested. It will displace exactly the right amount to leave the correct volume to perform the test—either 25 mL or 10 mL, depending on which end of the tool goes in first. The SampleSizer is removed once the extra water is splashed out. Order singly or in a 12-pack (6190-12) for a 10% savings.

The 6190 also can be used in the large tube of our just-released 2000 Series™ color comparators 9056, 9057, and 9058 (see article above) to get proper sample volumes for the total alkalinity and calcium hardness tests. Resizing the comparator made this possible. While we were at it, we created a second measuring tool—the SampleSizer® 44 mL (6191)—to make it easy to get the correct volume for the pH test. Order in the 12-pack (6191-12) for a 10% savings over eaches. 2000 Series kit sellers and owners take note:  neither SampleSizer will work correctly in comparator blocks manufactured before April 2012.

Click here to view an on-line demo of the SampleSizer 10 & 25 mL in action.

Poolside Training in Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks to Simeon Baker, an Environmental Health Specialist with the Monroe County (Indiana) Health Department, for sending along photos from his recent training session. A Certified Pool Operator® and veteran pool inspector, Mr. Baker uses our K-2006 combination kit to teach maintenance managers at pools in the area about the dynamic nature of water chemistry. He finds the kit's FAS-DPD method particularly helpful in explaining why a total chlorine reading can give an operator a false sense of security that his water is safe for bathers.

A demonstration of this method shows how the total chlorine residual is composed of free chlorine, which is actively destroying bacteria and other contaminants, and combined chlorine, which has little sanitizing capability. Combined chlorine is the culprit behind  swimmers' red, irritated eyes and that unpleasant "chlorine" odor associated with heavily used indoor pools and spas.

To learn more about the FAS-DPD method for testing chlorine as well as the other tests in the K-2006, watch these demonstrations.

New Addition to Myron L Meter Line

Test conductivity, total dissolved solids, or salinity with Myron L's Ultrapen™ PT1, now available from Taylor as product number 6555. Contents include the pocket tester; a high-capacity N-type battery; a pocket clip, holster, and lanyard; and a water scoop. Calibrate with Taylor's R-0868-39C conductivity solution. The pen's advanced features include highly stable microprocessor-based circuitry, user-intuitive operation, and waterproof housing.

Per the manufacturer, applications include boilers and cooling towers, pools and spas, wastewater testing, food and beverage testing, reverse osmosis systems, irrigation water, and more. To take a measurement, you simply press a button then dip the PT1 into the solution. Results, including temperature, display in seconds.

To see all the Myron L meters you can buy through Taylor, check out this product flier.

Improved Neutralizing Amines Test

Taylor's K-1682, an acid-base titration test, can now be used to measure six neutralizing amines. One drop equals:
2.5 ppm monoethanolamine,
3.8 ppm methoxypropylamine,
3.8 ppm morpholine,
4 ppm cyclohexylamine,
5 ppm diethylethanolamine, or
6 ppm triethanolamine.
Click here to read more.

Testing Tutorial:  "Stop Sabotaging Your Test Results"

No matter how good the chemistry of your test kit, field test results cannot be relied upon to drive water treatment decisions unless the right equipment is used, the right location is sampled, and the right testing techniques are employed. Chris Golden's December 2010 webinar for members of the Association of Water Technologies is about how to avoid common mistakes that can sabotage an industrial water treater's test results. Click to view it here.
AWT is a trade group of over 500 companies dedicated to industrial water treatment. It serves member firms by providing business and technical education, as well as networking opportunities, to help assure a profitable enterprise and a professional image. For more information visit their website, www.awt.org. Taylor has been an active member of AWT for over 20 years.

Have You Seen Our Video Demos?

We've been busy videotaping product demonstrations for some of our best-selling kits. To see what's currently available, navigate to the Product Info button at the top of this screen. Select "View Online Demo." Then choose your category of interest to see what's in the library. Check back often as we will keep adding videos throughout the year.
Note:  Our product demos use a high-quality video format. They are best viewed on a computer with a processor that is at least 1.6 GHz and has at least 1 GB RAM. To prevent "stuttering," it may be helpful to pause the video for about 20 seconds immediately after starting it to allow it to buffer completely.

Credit Card News

Taylor now accepts VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® for domestic (U.S.) orders placed online.

If your order ships within the continental U.S. and you make an immediate payment with one of these cards, you are eligible for our flat-rate service, as outlined below.

Total of Purchase             Flat-Rate Charge    
     (pre-Tax)                  for Standard Shipping

$0 - $25.00                                $7.50

$25.01 - $50.00                         $5.00

Over $50.00                               FREE

Carriers may impose packaging restrictions and special charges for transporting your order. Our flat-rate charge for standard shipping DOES NOT include any special charges that are levied by the carrier on "dangerous goods" and certain glassware, nor "protect from freezing" service that you request.

Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii often involve packing restrictions and special charges by the carrier for transporting orders outside the continental U.S. You pay ONLY the actual shipping cost (no handling fee for Taylor). Before processing your order, Taylor will notify you by e-mail of the carrier's charges for your approval.

More information about purchasing options is available in the Learn More section of this website under FAQs.

Please Consider Lending Your Support

Every 15 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease somewhere in the world. Water For People is a leading NGO (non-governmental organization) working hard to eradicate the conditions behind this awful statistic. They help people in developing countries improve their quality of life by partnering with them to provide locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and health and hygiene education programs. Safe Water International Ministries operates on a much smaller scale out of Washington, Iowa, with no paid staff. SWIM volunteers visit remote villages in Central America and southern Africa spreading the Gospel and delivering a simple lightweight device that generates chlorine for disinfecting potable water by the electrolysis of common table salt. (SWIM in Nicaragua is pictured.)

To learn more about them and how you too could help, visit http://www.waterforpeople.org/ and http://www.swimforhim.net/.

Faster, More Complete Mixing

If you perform many drop-count titrations in a day that involve our 9198 sample tube, you should consider adding a new tool to your testing arsenal:  the SpeedStir® (9265). This palmsize, portable magnetic stirrer will thoroughly incorporate each addition of reagent in a fraction of a second. Place the water sample on the mixing platform, gently drop in the Teflon®-coated stir bar, turn the unit on, and dispense reagent. No more manual swirl­ing! When ambient light is poor, six LEDs below the mixing platform can be lit up to make color changes in the test sample easy to see. The SpeedStir runs on four AA alkaline batteries at 600 rpm.

The start-up pack, product number 9265, includes the stirrer, the stir bar, the 9198 sample tube, and batteries.

To read the product flier, click here. For pricing, click here.

CNN Safe Swimming Inquiry Features a Commercial Series Kit

A report by CNN's Carter Evans looked at how safe the water is for swimmers at public pools. On location in the Bronx, New York, he visits a YMCA he says has high standards for water quality maintenance. There a service professional is shown testing the pool water with Taylor's K-1748, a combination kit in the Commercial Series™ distinctive for its Midget™ comparators with liquid-color standards.

Not all public pools are so vigilant, he says, citing a recent study by the federal Centers for Disease Control. Evans then interviews a representative from CDC's "Healthy Swimming" initiative who warns of the public health dangers from poorly maintained pools. The remedy, they suggest, is for patrons to test the water themselves before jumping in, using a simple test strip that will detect pH and sanitizer levels.

Taylor is proud to manufacture the test kits of choice for conscientious public pool operators and the service companies who cater to them. For personal assistance in selecting the testing products most appropriate for your application, call 800-TEST KIT (837-8548). One of our representatives will be glad to help!

Boiler/Cooling Water Tests Get Makeover

Check out the bold new look of our most popular kits for industrial water treatment...we've color-coded the reagent caps to the test instructions and provided picture guides to the color transitions you can expect in your treated water sample.

Click here for a flier describing the new color-coded kits.

New Water Balance Calculators

For less than the cost of a burger and fries you can skip the arduous Saturation Index calculation when you're poolside. Plug your test values into one of our Watergram® Water Balance Calculators and learn immediately whether the water is trending towards scaling or corrosive conditions.

The improved 6026 has become a three-disk slide rule, thus eliminating the manual subtraction step in the original version. This circular Watergram makes it easy to play with different treatment scenarios to see which of the water balance parameters makes the most sense to adjust. You'll find it in 2000 Series™ combination test kits and our countertop labs.

We've also developed an electronic version that's as small as a credit-card-size pocket calculator (6028). Indeed, it can be used to perform basic mathematical operations besides the water balance calculation. The programming automatically takes into account the effect cyanuric acid has on total alkalinity and allows a user to override the default value for total dissolved solids with a specific TDS level. "What if" adjustment scenarios are a snap to perform with this solar-powered version, as only the changed value(s) needs to be reentered. The 6028 is included in all Professional Series™ test kits.

Note:  both models offer a temperature choice of degrees Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius.

To read more about the advances made in the Watergram, click here.

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